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Most Read 2022*

Journal of the Operational Research Society​

  1. Improving productivity in Hollywood with data science: Using emotional arcs of movies to drive product and service innovation in entertainment industries
    Marco Del Vecchio, Alexander Kharlamov, Glenn Parry & Ganna Pogrebna

  2. The role of data analytics within operational risk management: A systematic review from the financial services and energy sectors
    Nikki Cornwell, Christopher Bilson, Adrian Gepp, Steven Stern & Bruce J Vanstone

  3. Building a Bayesian decision support system for evaluating COVID-19 countermeasure strategies
    Peter Strong, Aditi Shenvi, Xuewen Yu, K. Nadia Papamichail, Henry P. Wynn & Jim Q. Smith

  4. Statistical, machine learning and deep learning forecasting methods: Comparisons and ways forward
    Spyros Makridakis, Evangelos Spiliotis, Vassilios Assimakopoulos, Artemios-Anargyros Semenoglou, Gary Mulder & Konstantinos Nikolopoulos

  5. Multi-class misclassification cost matrix for credit ratings in peer-to-peer lending
    Haomin Wang, Gang Kou & Yi Peng

  6. Operational research applied to decisions in home health care: A systematic literature review
    Luca Grieco, Martin Utley & Sonya Crowe

European Journal of Information Systems

  1. An affordance perspective of team collaboration and enforced working from home during COVID-19
    Lena Waizenegger, Brad McKenna, Wenjie Cai & Taino Bendz

  2. The dark sides of people analytics: reviewing the perils for organisations and employees
    Lisa Marie Giermindl, Franz Strich, Oliver Christ, Ulrich Leicht-Deobald & Abdullah Redzepi

  3. Information systems in the age of pandemics: COVID-19 and beyond
    Pär J Ågerfalk, Kieran Conboy & Michael D Myers

  4. Virtually in this together – how web-conferencing systems enabled a new virtual togetherness during the COVID-19 crisis
    Janine Hacker, Jan vom Brocke, Joshua Handali, Markus Otto & Johannes Schneider

  5. Digital transformation and the new logics of business process management
    Abayomi Baiyere, Hannu Salmela & Tommi Tapanainen

  6. Thinking responsibly about responsible AI and ‘the dark side’ of AI
    Patrick Mikalef, Kieran Conboy, Jenny Eriksson Lundström & Aleš Popovič

Knowledge Management Research and Practice

  1. Knowledge management and digital transformation for Industry 4.0: a structured literature review
    Andreia de Bem Machado, Silvana Secinaro, Davide Calandra & Federico Lanzalonga

  2. Knowledge management in pandemics. A critical literature review
    Salvatore Ammirato, Roberto Linzalonen & Alberto M. Felicetti

  3. COVID-19 leadership challenges in knowledge work
    Kathrin Kirchner, Christine Ipsen & John Paulin Hansen

  4. Quality of Healthcare Services in Focus: The Role of Knowledge Transfer, Hierarchical Organizational Structure and Trust
    Ivan Radević, Vlado Dimovski, Anđelko Lojpur & Simon Colnar

  5. Workplace inclusion–exclusion and knowledge-hiding behaviour of minority members
    Marika Miminoshvili & Matej Černe

  6. Knowledge management based on information technology in response to COVID-19 crisis
    Wei-Tsong Wang & Su-Ying Wu


Journal of Simulation

  1. How simulation modelling can help reduce the impact of COVID-19
    Christine S.M. Currie, John W. Fowler, Kathy Kotiadis, Thomas Monks, Bhakti Stephan Onggo, Duncan A. Robertson & Antuela A. Tako

  2. Modelling the impact of COVID-19 on elective waiting times
    Richard M Wood

  3. Using discrete event simulation to explore food wasted in the home
    Cansu Kandemir, Christian Reynolds, Quested Tom, Karen Fisher, Rachel Devine, Estelle Herszenhorn, S.C. Lenny Koh & David Evans

  4. FACS: A geospatial agent-based simulator for analysing COVID-19 spread and public health measures on local regions
    Imran Mahmood, Hamid Arabnejad, Diana Suleimenova, Isabel Sassoon, Alaa Marshan, Alan Serrano-Rico, Panos Louvieris,  Anastasia Anagnostou,Simon J E Taylor, David Bell & Derek Groen

  5. Simulating emergency patient flow during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Thomas Reiten Bovim, Anders N. Gullhav, Henrik Andersson, Jostien Dale & Kjetil Karlsen

  6. Developing sustainable tourism destinations through smart technologies: A system dynamics approach
    Sanaz Shafiee, Saeed Jahanyan, Ali Rajabzadeh Ghatari & Alireza Hasanzadeh

Health Systems

  1. The biopsychosociotechnical model: a systems-based framework for human-centered health improvement

    Alan J. Card

  2. Outcomes of managing healthcare services using the Theory of Constraints: A systematic review

    Gustavo M. Bacelar-Silva, James F. Cox III & Pedro Pereira Rodrigues

  3. Mind the gap: a review of optimisation in mental healthcare service delivery

    Sheema Noorain, Maria Paola Scaparra & Kathy Kotiadis

  4. Predicting non-attendance in hospital outpatient appointments using deep learning approach

    M. Dashtban & Weizi Li

  5. Wait! What does that mean?: Eliminating ambiguity of delays in healthcare from an OR/MS perspective

    Maria Van Zyl-Cillié, Derya Demirtas & Erwin Hans

  6. Embedding OR modelling as decision support in health capacity planning: insights from an evaluation

    Sally Brailsford, Steffen Bayer, Con Connell, Abraham George, Jonathan Klein & Peter Lacey

Journal of Business Analytics

  1. Balancing privacy rights and surveillance analytics: a decision process guide
    Daniel J. Power, Ciara Heavin & Yvonne O’Connor

  2. Data ownership revisited: clarifying data accountabilities in times of big data and analytics
    Martin Fadler & Christine Legner

  3. A survey of image labelling for computer vision applications
    Christoph Sager, Christian Janiesch & Patrick Zschech

  4. Business analytics and big data research in information systems
    Christian Janiesch, Barbara Dinter, Patrick Mikalef & Olgerta Tona

  5. Establishing and theorising data analytics governance: a descriptive framework and a VSM-based view
    Jeroen Baijens, Tim Huygh & Remko Helms

  6. Detecting temporal workarounds in business processes – A deep-learning-based method for analysing event log data
    ​Sven Weinzierl, Verena Wolf, Tobias Pauli, Daniel Beverungen & Martin Matzner

*Top downloaded articles in 2022 (limited to articles published on or after 01/01/2020.

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